Creating Appealing, Strong, Unambiguous Design

Design is communication, but exactly what is communicated and how effectively it is communicated depends on the impressions of the viewer. In order to truly covey the intentions of the communicator, an expression that is highly appealing to the viewer must be created.

At 2AD, we not only utilize the talents of our in-house design team, we also take full advantage of an extensive network of creatives both in Japan and abroad. The visual expressions we propose to our clients are at times very novel, at times more orthodox, at times humorous and at times thought-provoking, yet always effective and certain to appeal to their targets.

The final design is, of course, the ultimate result of the creative work involved in any advertising or publicity campaign, but the process that leads to this outcome is also very important. As the person responsible for your company’s promotional activities, you may be required to explain why a certain design proposal was adopted, while another was rejected—just why you went with “Design A” instead of “Design B.” As part of the production process, 2AD presents several potential creative directions or means of expression to our client, and follows a process of intensive discussion and careful evaluation before embarking on the development of a final design that is strong, both visually and logically.