Japanese Typesetting

Due to the rapid proliferation of computers in the advertising industry, anyone can typeset Japanese to some extent if they are simply familiar with the necessary design application. Perhaps this is the why there are so many cases of substandard typesetting, even in Japan, by designers who have minimal training and experience. Not only does poor typesetting make these ads, brochures and catalogs difficult to read, it also ruins their appeal, impact, sophistication and overall value. And this problem is not limited solely to printed materials; the same is equally true for electronic books, websites and other digital media.

This is why it is absolutely essential that your Japanese-language brochures, catalogs and other promotional materials are of the same high quality as your products and services. At 2AD, our close attention to detail and extensive experience in all aspects of design, including typesetting, can help ensure accurate, effective communication that reflects positively on your company.